Making Fun of Hipsters Now More Unfunny Than Ever (Video)


Even using the word “hipster” is a slight in and of itself, in some regard: it shows the need to pigeonhole a group of people who may have very little in common under one generally misanthropic label. That obviously hasn’t stopped anyone — certainly not us — from using it, but the “making fun of hipsters” trope got old long after this idea of a “hipster” went from superficial counterculture to marketing and sales demographic (see: Urban Outfitters). When Fox News recently launched their attack on what they perceived as “hipsters,” they only proved how out of touch they were, but it’s Fox News, so what can you expect? But when guys who’re actually supposed to be funny do it, and aren’t funny at all, the suggestion that making fun of “hipsters” — which was always an inherently elitist (and by the attackers’ definition, “hipster”) posturing — might now be over comes into incredibly sharp focus. Lampooning a sub-culture based on superficiality is one thing, but grown adults making the “skinny jeans” joke five years after skinny jeans came into fashion is like grown adults who continue to seek humor in the “baggy jeans” jokes five years after they were “a thing.” We’re all used to it, nobody cares, and it’s just not a goldmine of comedy anymore, which is besides the fact that, again, once Fox News tries to make anything funny or true, it’s often going to lose all inherent comedic value or semblance of truth.

Making fun of hipsters is now a great way to show how completely out-of-touch you are. Or unfunny. Try again, bros.