Musicians-Wanted Flier Of The Day: A Sludge-Metal Band Possibly Called “Dino Boobs” Is Hiring


Friend-of-SOTC Stelios Phili (who’s already got a band, unfortunately, or we would try and make him do this) spotted a musicians-wanted flier on Bowery and Fourth for sludge-metal/Rush/Sleater-Kinney fanatics who aren’t, uh, well, I’ll let them explain it. Do you like shredding and doodling? Do you have any other ideas for band names? Inquire within:

I surmise just based on font size that the singer quit/was fired sometime between when this flier was drawn up and when it was distributed, which suggests an air of intra-band volatility you might want to watch out for. Still, if High on Fire, Rush, and S-K are your three favorite bands of all time, it’s hard to pass this up no matter how you feel about the Dino Boobs” thing. Must have own gear, pro attitude, healthy acceptance of the absurd, etc.