Skyy Vodka’s New Ad Features Woman-on-Bottle Sex; $80 British Navy Rum Now Available in NYC


Skyy vodka is sexing up its image with a new ad that features a woman in red shiny tights and spike heels appearing to have sex with a giant Skyy vodka bottle.
[USA Today]

White Dog is all the rage these days, but people aren’t just drinking it. They’re also making it at home, despite the fact that it’s still rather illegal.
[NY Daily News]

NYC Craft Beer Week, which runs through October 3, will feature Geektoberfest, a beer made of barrel-aged beers from three New York breweries.
[NY Post]

Bittermens’ bitters used to be classified as beverage alcohols, but in July switched to non-beverage alcohols, making it easier to market in states with tough liquor laws.
[Wall Street Journal]

A look at commuters reveals that LIRR riders buy more hard liquor than soft at the bar carts, while the Metro-North crowd drinks more wine.
[NY Times]

Minetta Tavern now stocks Black Tot Rum, a/k/a “The Last Consignment” of British Navy rum that’s been stored in London since 1970. A shot is $80.
[Diner’s Journal]

The Japanese cartoon The Drops of God has led to certain Bordeaux producers to become huge celebrities in Japan.

West Coast craft brewers have been making a new style of beer that looks like a porter but tastes like a sweet India Pale Ale, but they don’t know what to call it.
[Atlantic Food]

Fledgling Wine, launched by Twitter last year, is now being sold for $25 a bottle, $5 of which goes toward Room to Read, an international literacy program.
[NY Post]