Wristbands Now Available For Deerhunter’s Show at the Apple Store Tonight



Deerhunter’s aptly named Halycon Digest is out today, and Bradford Cox & Co. seem poised for a lively fall, with a beloved new album and a looming date at Webster Hall in the band’s near future. But first, one of those awkward but usually quite lovely free stands on the second floor of the Soho Apple Store, following in the footsteps of everyone from Phoenix to Sonic Youth. This one will likely be just as hard to get into; the band goes on at 7 p.m., but you can apparently drop by the store anytime starting at 9 a.m. and ask for the wristband that will guarantee admission. Our guess? These are gone by noon. Their live chops certainly seem to be in order–consider this recent footage of the band playing new material underneath a Chicago overpass.

Jacket weather out there already, huh? Sorry Tom!

Live from SoHo: Deerhunter [Apple]