Yet Another Reason to Love Top Chef’s Kevin Gillespie


Kevin Gillespie was far and away our favorite contestant on Top Chef Season 6, thanks to both his extraordinary decency and his extraordinary beard.

So while we’re sad he won’t be appearing on next season’s Top Chef All-Stars, we’re happy to hear that he turned down the chance to appear on the show because his head is in the right place. Gillespie took to his Facebook page last week to explain his decision:

For those of you interested or perplexed….I was offered a spot on Top Chef Allstars. They tried to convince me that it would be a second opportunity to show that I could win. I honestly don’t need a second opportunity to feel like a winner, and the outpouring that I get from everyone on this page reminds me of that on a daily basis.

Which leads us to suspect the real reason that Gillespie isn’t competing: he’s too sane.

[Via Eater]