Download Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3’s “Resolution”; Hear It Live At The Living Room Next Week


“Paisley Underground” veteran Steve Wynn (the L.A. rocker, not the casino owner who puts his hand through Picasso paintings) is a permanent friend-of-SOTC for the simple reason that he once let us film him singing a song while standing in a dog park. He returns with backing band the Miracle 3 October 8th at the Living Room; let us now marvel at “Resolution,” the first single off the band’s upcoming Northern Aggression, which at first blush sounds like Sonic Youth at their grudgingly poppiest. Pretty great, in other words.

Recall that Wynn is also one of the principals in the Baseball Project, an ongoing indie-rockers-write-songs-about-baseball conglomerate preparing their second album; recently they unveiled “Don’t Call Them Twinkies,” unrepentant Twins fan Craig Finn’s song/rant in praise of the Minnesota Twins umpteenth playoff berth. May they beat the Yankees.