Guy Who Plans Ahead Seeks Missed Connection Prior to Actually Missing One


Some people are just…proactive. Like this guy, who posted a Craigslist Missed Connection even before making eyes at someone he’d only realize later might have been his beloved, going home drunk, getting on the Internet, and penning a missive for that special lady and what might still be, were she only to get on Craigslist and find him. This guy goes ahead and takes the guesswork outta that.

He’s not even a New Yorker, he’s just in town for a business trip next week and wants to, you know, set something up. But don’t hold that against him — how many New York women complain that men never ask them out with the appropriate, respectful number of days between request and date? Plus, golly, he’s even offering to pay!

If you’re not a stickler about semantics (in some circles this is known as “making a date”), maybe you should hit him up. And us, too…if this transitions into missed-connection-but-not-because-you-actually-meet-and-maybe-even-like-each-other territory, or if it goes hilariously badly, we’ll buy you a stiff drink. Either way, as the dude says, “Wouldn’t that make for an interesting Facebook status update?”

It would.

*All precautions related to Craigslist Missed Connections apply. The Voice is not actually endorsing this guy as a possible romantic partner, hell, we don’t even know him. Yet.