Is It Just Me? Or Is This Movie Just a Gay Truth About Cats and Dogs?


A cheap, cheerful, and extremely gay take on the sunny L.A. romantic comedy, Is It Just Me? is essentially a homosexually cast retread of the mistaken-identity love-triangle film The Truth About Cats And Dogs. The Uma Thurman shallow hot tamale here is named Cameron (Adam Huss), and his supposedly plain roommate—the Janeane Garofalo—is Blaine (Nicholas Downs). Instead of a shy radio host, Blaine is a shy columnist with a self-esteem problem who goes online to meet men. By a quirk of fate, he connects with Xander (David Loren) while accidentally using Cameron’s profile, and the two men have phone marathons (and phone sex), with Xander believing Blaine to be a hunky go-go boy. Blaine lacks the confidence to reveal his perfectly cute identity, so even greater deceptions ensue. I suppose first-time writer/director J.C. Calciano felt that gayness was enough to freshen a tired story and some balefully uninspired writing, and to a certain extent, the film’s angle on gay culture being as unwelcoming of anything short of physical perfection works (the L.A.-set Cats and Dogs explored that city’s similar edict for women). Beyond that, however, the film falls prey to deadening cliché, shuddering puns, and a flaccid (get it? Like a penis?) dramatic arc.