With Record Collection, his third solo outing, Mark Ronson really wants to make the world notice Mark Ronson. That’s Mark Ronson the recording artist, not Mark Ronson the target of Winehousian Twitter battles, or Mark Ronson the DJ at some scenemaking event. He’s still twisting the knobs. But from the billing (the album’s credited to “Mark Ronson & the Business Intl”) to his having embraced the frontman position (mostly, he shares vocals with a host of guests), Record Collection is more assertively Ronson the dude—singer, rocker, bandleader—and less Ronson the aesthetic. He was already huge in the U.K., and “The Bike Song” is blowing up over there, but it’s the percolating “Bang Bang Bang,” with Q-Tip and MNDR’s Amanda Warner along for the strobe-soaked ride, that most effectively fuses together all of Ronson’s disparate parts and poses. It could be “Clint Eastwood,” it could be “Crazy.” But as long as you remember that it’s Mark Ronson, he’ll probably be happy.

Mon., Oct. 11, 9 p.m., 2010