Michael White Shares His Secret Broccoli With Jonathan Benno


When Jonathan Benno invited New York food world heavyweights to preview the menu at the Lincoln, there was much excitement over the pasta, the steak, the comfy swivel chairs. But no one mentioned the broccoli. A waiter at the restaurant revealed that the broccoli was a rather rare leafy spigarello variety that Jonathan Benno scored from his friend Michael White.

It’s not the only thing the two friends share. The pasta widget at the Lincoln was reportedly recommended by White, who uses it at Marea. But the broccoli is apparently so precious that White, who has a secret stash of it growing upstate, shares it only with Benno. Or so the waiter told us. Sure, it’s a minor detail, but it’s not like the press is running out of ink to spend on this place anytime soon.

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