Morning Links: Officials Uncover Possible Terror Attack in Europe; Upstate Town Wants Muslim Group to Dig Up Buried Bodies


• Officials have intercepted “credible but not specific” information about a possible “Mumbai-style” terror attack in Britain, France, and Germany. They’re now saying the threats have been foiled due to drone strikes against Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan. Yesterday, the Eiffel Tower was evacuated for the second time in two weeks due to a bomb scare. [NPR, WP, Guardian]

• BP is going to set up a new global safety division to improve risk management and safety and review how the company manages agreements with contractors, according to soon-to-be chief Robert Dudley, who takes over the role on Friday. [NYT]

• One of the men accusing Georgia pastor (and longtime anti-homosexual) Eddie Long of sexual abuse has told an Atlanta TV station he wants to pass this message on to Long: “You are not a man. You are a monster.” [CNN]

• Leaders of the town of Sidney, New York, (pop. 5,993) are demanding that a Muslim group dig up two bodies they had buried on 650 square feet of a 50-acre sheep farm they bought in 2002. A spokesman for the group say that the town okayed the burial and that objections are now being raised related to protests over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero. [NYDN]

• The World Center Hotel in Downtown Manhattan now has the problem of a huge crane sitting right in front of its entrance, where it will stay for the next three months, to help demolish the Deutsche Bank building. But don’t worry, hotel guests: “We’re offering free drinks to our guests to make up for the noise and inconvenience,” said Jon Horowitz, a vice president with the hotel. [DNAInfo]

• A New York City cop was injured yesterday looking for an intruder sighted on the fire escape at 126 St. Mark’s Place. The man had broken a window and entered an apartment on an upper floor; the police officer followed but slipped when exiting the apartment through the fire escape. Injuries were minor, but East Villagers — watch those fire escapes. [EV Grieve]

• Melissa Petro, the Bronx schoolteacher who wrote about her former life as a stripper and sex worker on the Internet, was approved for tenure last month. [NYP]

• Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a new environmental plan to reduce sewage in the city’s waters. It would cost $1.5 billion over the next 20 years. Projects would include “green roofs with plantings, porous pavement for parking lots, rain barrels, wetlands, and depressions for collecting water in parks.” [NYT]

• Dashing the hopes of women who like funny men everywhere, Seth Rogen is now engaged. [NYDN]