Robert Sietsema at Vandaag; Sarah DiGregorio at Xiao Ye


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema looks for just what exactly is Dutch about Vandaag, while Sarah DiGregorio gets duly scandalized and satisfied at Xiao Ye.

Sam Sifton makes Mario Batali’s day by awarding Del Posto four stars — the first Italian to get the distinction in 36 years — for “[Mark] Ladner’s careful interpretation of Italian cuisine, in which brilliant technique renders incredible ingredients as art.”
[NY Times]

Sifton also has time to drop in on Ça Va: “[Todd] English’s celebrity is the first and most important part of Ça Va Todd English…. It sure isn’t the food.”
[NY Times]


Ryan Sutton approves of the hog, but not the décor at Nuela, whose “owners seem to think this gutsy, haute-street grub is best enjoyed in a series of red and orange rooms that evoke a discarded set from Sex and the City.”

Jay Cheshes finds hits and misses at Thistle Hill Tavern, which: “may take some tweaking before gastro-tourists start jostling neighborhood families and young professionals for a table.”

Gael Greene drops in on her friend Steve Hanson at Atlantic Grill, a restaurant that “arrives in an aura of optimism for the art mecca’s rebirth and, let’s hope, for the city’s.”
[Insatiable Critic]