So Chavez Is Apparently Reuniting at the Parkside Lounge Tonight


Or, playing a show, anyway–“reuniting” may be something of a misnomer, given the fact that the band told Pitchfork’s Matt LeMay, back in 2006, that they’d never really broken up. “We never really became popular until we became more and more inactive,” guitarist Clay Tarver told LeMay. “Had we been 10 years younger, we would have just eked it and stuck to it. But not much was happening with Chavez.” Frontman Matt Sweeney went on, among other things, to play with Zwan and Will Oldham. Tarver worked as a screenwriter. But the beloved, pioneering NYC-based indie band, which hasn’t really been active since the ’90s, did play a show or two around the release of Matador’s 2006 retrospective, Better Days Will Haunt You, and they’re booked for the big Matador birthday party in Las Vegas this weekend. To tune up, they’re playing a newly announced show in NYC…tonight.

Matador has since confirmed this to us. Thus nostalgia week(s) in New York continues–Superchunk a week and a half ago, Pavement all last week, and now another underappreciated, Matador-sponsored pack of ’90s refugees, playing some random bar down on Houston. You should go. It’ll be like hitting for the cycle someone else’s youth, if not your own. [Matt Sweeney]