Strapping Fieldhands


Strapping Fieldhands really should have gotten more of that considerable love for Guided by Voices. The Philadelphia quintet had a solid run in the early ’90s alongside Pollard et al., the Grifters, Thinking Fellers Union, etc.; they all prized guitar bash and glorious tape hiss as essential components to drunken, crooked pop music and reveled in whipping quiet paeans to the British Invasion sounds they adored. With a reunion tour in full swing, the veteran Memphis imprint Shangri-La has reissued Discus, the Fieldhands’ 1994 debut and the acknowledged document of their particular clatter and hum. Thrill to basement folk ballads gone rogue and refrigerator-on-the-fritz noise stumbles. Delight in pop with no universal point. And relish the comebacks you’ll use to take down that know-it-all at the next GBV gig. With Watery Love and Willie Lane.

Sat., Oct. 9, 8 p.m., 2010