This Week in the Voice: White America Has Lost Its Mind


From Glenn Beck to Breitbart, Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh, from sea to shining sea, from their mere followers to their Kool-Aid drinkers, the rage, motives, and manners all lend themselves to a certain composite picture developing quite neatly in this country, that’s really, more than anything, a diagnosis: White America Has Lost Its Mind. Village Voice staff writer (and categorical clinician) Steven Thrasher got inside the insane Caucasian brain of the United States, and presents us this week with his findings.

Elsewhere this week in News, everyone else (but us) is basically fucking crazy, too:

This week in Film, like almost every other week in film, everything is crazy, not just white people:

  • What else do you need to know to read legendary Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman’s review of the long-awaited David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin “Facebook Movie,” the headline of which is According to The Social Network, You Are Definitely Not the Only Asshole on Facebook, though? Nothing. That headline is perfect enough. Read it.
  • Nick Pinkerton saw another goddamn movie about teenage vampires, which are now more everywhere than they were yesterday. This one is called Let Me In.
  • Dan Kois saw Freakonomics, which is basically math for crazy people. Okay, not true: it’s the documentary based on the bestselling book at least one person n every flight anyone’s been on in the last four years has read, Freakonomics, which is about math for crazy people, like “cool” economists. Imagine how that one worked out.
  • Also, there are a bunch of other movies we reviewed this week, about crazy things and people like Nazis, facially deformed ghouls, S & M, someone who decided to name their film Douchebag, and more.

In Food this week, we’re crazy for crazy-awesome flavors:

  • Vandaag will not kick your ass in Time Cop, you’re thinking of someone else. What East Village dutch dining spot Vandaag will do, according to Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema, is aim a little higher than its predecessors.
  • “It’s not Taiwanese, it’s not American, it’s mother fucking Dericious,” chef Eddie Huang wrote on his blog of his new joint, Xiao Ye, which serves up a dish called “Poontang Potstickers,” thus bringing new meaning to the term “eating out.” Voice food critic Sarah DiGregorio makes the trip.

This week in Arts, like every other week in Arts, crazy people:

All that, plus more crazy ass Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and Dan Savage. And then some.

Here are the Village Voice, we try to keep ourselves barricaded in from you rabid nutbags as much as we can when we’re not in the field figuring out how you work, and why you are what you are, because you genuinely terrify us. Please stop being so crazy.