Casey Spooner on M.I.A.: “She Will Just Retire to Brentwood With Her Billionaire Husband and Laugh at All of Us From Her Swimming Pool Covered in Gold”


A tipster passes along a kind of sensational thread from Casey Spooner’s Facebook page. Let this not constitute an endorsement: we are fascinated with M.I.A., we think she’s had a rough year; we also think probably reports of her rough year have been somewhat exaggerated. She is playing that free show no one really expected her to actually play. She weathered yet another NYC-area hiccup when the power went out around Terminal 5, hours before she was supposed to go on, and did her thing anyway. But there are people who are having trouble forgiving her in 2010, and new to that list is a glittery triumvirate of musicians–Spooner, Luísa Matsushita, a/k/a Lovefoxx from CSS, and Ssion’s Cody Critcheloe. You would think these three are likely enough to run into M.I.A. in the near future that they would avoid talking trash. And yet they are. Here’s Spooner:

And here’s Ssion’s Cody Critcheloe, piling on:

Here’s Spooner again:

And here’s Lovefoxxx, who seems to be taking this harder than anyone:

Lovefoxxx’s seemingly genuine disappointment to one side for a moment, one thing we continue to love about M.I.A. is the way that she so discomforts even people who really care about her. She is a challenging artist in a time when most artists go way out of their way to avoid picking fights. That M.I.A. can so polarize or even disappoint people as theoretically jaded as Spooner & Co. is a sign that she’s doing something right, really. (Though who could blame these guys for being upset?). The day this stuff stops happening is the day you need to worry about her.