Crazy White America, The Comments: Day 1 Word Cloud


Yesterday, we unleashed Steven Thrasher’s cover story, White America Has Lost Its Mind, on an unsuspecting — and partially mental-health-care-needing — public. Since then, besides producing some pretty amusing, enlightening, and point-proving hate mail, Thrasher’s story has also generated record amounts of comments for us: in just one day, 247.

We want to see what people are saying, and there’s obviously quite a bit, so we’ll be attempting to present a representative sample of these comments in the most fun (!) and informative ways we can think of as the dialogue among readers continues. Without further ado, we invite you to take a look around this word cloud of the 150 most popular terms in the first day’s comments (excluding otherwise common language):

If you can’t tell, it’d seem like white people love to talk about….White People! Thrasher’s name is invoked quite a bit, as is the word “America,” which, okay, are all in the title and byline of the story. Yet, even more interesting are the smaller words: “racism,” “racist” “think,” “folks,” and so on, but the real story comes in the occurrences:”democrat” and “liberal” are invoked more than “conservative,” none of which are invoked more than “blacks” or “lost.” What you’re seeing is obviously a pretty preliminary picture, one that’s sure to develop over the next few days. We’ll keep you posted.