Download Rockapella — Yes, That Rockapella — Covering Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk”


Well this is just delightful. Rockapella, everyone’s favorite Carmen Sandiego-locating vocal crew, are evidently still in business, and aim to remain there by covering “relevant” alt. artists like our good friends Vampire Weekend, who sonically traverse the globe in a flippant, maddening manner similar to that of Ms. Sandiego herself. The boys have tackled “A-Punk,” and the result makes way more sense than it has any right to. Get a load of this.

Excellent job with the ay ay ay‘s. Acquire Rockapella’s otherwise entirely all-original new album, Bang, if you dare; if they’re taking requests I must admit they’d probably do a killer “My Girls.” And if they ever did a full-album collaboration with The-Dream, I’d buy the hell out of it.