Download The Twilight Singers’ “Blackbird And The Fox”; See Frontman Greg Dulli At Bowery Ballroom October 19


Stupendous Cincinnati sleaze-rockers Afghan Whigs just made our list of ’90s bands that haven’t reunited yet, but ex-leader Greg Dulli has no apparent interest in reliving the past, and his projects since — the Twilight Singers especially — are plenty sleazy themselves. A new TS record is slated for early 2011 on Sub Pop, which is now proudly offering a free sample track, “Blackbird and the Fox,” a duet between Dulli and — why not? — Ani DiFranco. Observe:

Dulli and DiFranco, odd a pairing as they might seem, have actually crossed paths before — the moody “Candy Cane Crawl,” from 2006’s Twilight Singers record Powder Burns, is one of the best things he’s ever done. This will very happily remind you of that. As for Greg, he’s preparing for his first-ever solo tour, wherein he “will lead his band through a wide selection of songs encompassing his entire career.” His date at Bowery Ballroom Tuesday October 19 is sold out, but there are ways of getting in, including hanging around near the stage door within Greg’s field of vision while being an extremely attractive woman.