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Yvette are the hard-edged, ultraviolent, spooktacular response to years of the fluttery squish of Animal Collective and HEALTH. Built on the barely legible guitars of Noah Kardos-Fein and the heavily effected drums of Bloomington transplant Rick Daniel, Yvette use the powers of distortion and flange for evil instead of good. Their debut 7″ (hand screen-printed, limited to 350) is four songs that turn the noise-clatter of This Heat and the drummier brumble of mid-’00s Liars into a near-industrial churn. Side-B opener “With Fangs” is a steely-eyed Neubaten pulse tweaked out into a squelchy blast of cheery Aa-styled abandon. “Our intention was and is to try to do something a little different from other bands we’ve been in,” says Kardos-Fein. “Sometimes this means finding unconventional ways to make interesting sounds–like wiring contact mics mounted on drums through effects pedals, or using a ‘modded’ sampling pedal to play back riffs at half speed. ‘With Fangs’ is a good example of this philosophy in practice.”

Download: [audio-1]

What is “With Fangs” about?

Noah Kardos-Fein, guitarist/vocalist: Oh man. We never have a particularly easy time with lyrics or song names. It usually takes us forever to come up with a name we can agree on and for me to create lyrics I feel comfortable singing. At one point Rick mentioned that we needed to give one of the parts more energy, that it needed more crashing dissonance, and we needed to play it “with fangs.” So that was our working title and it stuck. That got me thinking about creepy people who hang out in bars. I’ll leave it at that.

Is there any relation to the Melvins or Nine Inch Nails songs “With Teeth?”

Kardos-Fein: When we wrote “With Fangs” we didn’t have the Melvins or NIN in mind. But in retrospect it’s funny to me that both the Melvins’ “With Teeth” and NIN’s “With Teeth” contain pretty cryptic, grotesque, and dark lyrics–like our own “With Fangs”.

What inspired it musically?

Rick Daniel/drums and effects: I had been using a synth-tone generator at the time and we found this super low, warm bassy synth note that just rattled the room. We liked the kind of droning low-end foundation that it created and we built the song up from there.

What was the session like?

Kardos-Fein: We spent off nights in our practice space recording while there weren’t too many other bands practicing. Actually, if you listen carefully, you can hear a riff or two here and there from the one of the anonymous bands down our hall. There’s definitely some bleed on “With Fangs.” We recorded the vocals at my apartment, and the walls are pretty thin so you can hear a lot from out in the hall. I remember wondering what the hell the neighbors thought we were doing. Seances? Ritualistic chants?

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Kardos-Fein: I can’t think of any favorites, but I think I have to admit that my guilty pleasure is probably the Hana Deli on Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg. I say this because most nights, after practice or after a show, I pop in there on my way home to grab a late night dinner or snack. Their sandwich selection is overwhelming, and the vegan/vegetarian ones in particular are delicious. Plus, they have fruit popsicles and those pseudo-homemade fig bars they sell at the counter–two things I have a soft spot for.
Daniel: Hell if I know.

Yvette play Don Pedros with Caves on October 7.

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