Embezzling St. John’s University Dean Busted for Using Students as “Slaves”


Ouch, bad year. Cecelia Chang, the 57-year-old former dean of St. John’s University who was charged with embezzling $1 million from the school to use on casino trips, Victoria’s Secret lingerie, and her son’s education, was busted by the FBI today for bribing students with scholarships and then forcing them to work for her as slaves, reports the New York Post. Whoa, college is harder these days!

Although sex slave students would make for good TV, the kids were actually just regular old slaves, “expected to perform duties … for a period of twenty hours per week,” under fear of the termination of their scholarship, which Chang said could happen “at any time” if “the recipient fails to perform his or her work duties,” says FBI agent Kenneth Hosey.

Chang had the power to grant up to 15 scholarships per year, which she gave mostly to foreign students. While the kids thought that they’d be doing work related to the Asian Studies Program, they were actually tasked with “cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, chauffeuring Chang and her son, and babysitting for a friend’s child,” according to the Daily News — not to mention taking out the trash and shoveling snow.

Understandably, Chang has been wiped from the St. John’s website, but she’s still there in cache for all to fear and despise.

Imagine, going to college to learn about dating and keg stands and instead being put to work in someone’s yard. Shiver. Though, actually, that’s pretty good training for the actual world — better than reading Plato or whatever.