“It’s Just So Queer! So Faggy!”


Someone said this to me at a dinner the other night and I recoiled in horror, all my old p.c. instincts boiling to my head so heatedly I almost took to the street with protest signs.

I don’t even remember what we were talking about because I blacked it out in a cold sweat the second he said that.

We weren’t talking about anything gay, mind you.

It was something about certain types of TV shows, I think — though, like I say, I’m really not sure because I went dizzy in disbelief that this kind of thing passes for conversation in modern-age civilization.

Whatever it was, the guy clearly wanted to outdo the way some idiots use “gay” to mean pathetic.

He went all the way for “queer and faggy” to represent the same, and he said it in such an offhanded way, it seemed clear that he and his wife use that expression all the time.

“It’s just so queer! So faggy!” he screeched, to the wrong person.

Rather than start screaming and disrupt the whole dinner, I politely turned my back and talked to someone else.

Was that a wussy thing to do? Am I too breedery?