Marc Forgione Is Looking Forward to His Times Review


No sooner did Sam Sifton unleash his four-star review of Del Posto yesterday than rumors start flying that Marc Forgione would be the Times‘ next target.

Gothamist has an interview today with Forgione, who will be appearing in the third season of The Next Iron Chef, which premieres this Sunday.

In the interview, Forgione both acknowledges the upcoming review, and says that he “look[s] forward to reading it.” But he also doesn’t seem too fussed about the whole thing. When asked about whether blogs and user reviews are diminishing the role of professional restaurant critics, he responds:

I mean, I don’t think their role will ever be finished. I tell my staff and my cooks every day that “last night we did 116 covers, so we got reviewed 116 times” and that’s not because they can blog about it or they can get it published in the New York Times. You have to cook for everybody. Once you start cooking for a critic or a blogger, in my opinion, you’re going down the wrong path. When you have the specialty menu or special service when you spot a critic, or you save a special cut of meat and label it for a reviewer. I mean, what are you doing, you know? I’m very curious to see how this review comes out, but again, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that people get to voice their opinion. Do your thing the same every day and take pride in what you do and you’ll be alright. I think we’re a testament to that. We’re two years in with no New York Times review and we’re doing just fine.

Which sounds about right: given a certain earlier incident in Forgione’s restaurant, it’s clear that this is a guy who isn’t exactly depending on the Times to make or break his business.