McDonald’s Threatens to Drop Health Plan; Alton Brown-Adam Richman Feud Heats Up


McDonald’s says it might have to drop its health insurance coverage of nearly 30,000 employees in the face of new health care regulations.
[Wall Street Journal]

Before jumping off the George Washington Bridge, Joseph Cerniglia nearly killed himself this summer by overdosing on cocaine, say police.
[NY Post]

Gubernatorial candidate Carl P. Paladino offers a culinary tour of his native Buffalo, where he is known for his generous tips at high-end Italian restaurants.
[NY Times]

A Chinese cooking competition on New Tang Dynasty Television will feature no chefs from China as all 11 chefs from Shanghai were banned from making the trip here to compete.
[NY Times]

It would seem that “ultra-affluent” people are not only spending more on fine dining, but have increased their spending by 24 percent on fast food.
[Wall Street Journal]

The latest chef feud is between Alton Brown and Man vs. Food‘s Adam Richman. Richman is hurt that Brown, his former hero, would say his show is “disgusting.”
[NY Daily News]