Tyler Clementi’s Suicide and What Dan Savage Is Doing About It


The death of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi, who appears to have committed suicide after his roommate allegedly broadcast a video of him having a sexual encounter with a man, is a sad event that can’t help but shine a light on Dan Savage’s new YouTube project, “It Gets Better.”

In last week’s Savage Love, a reader wrote to Dan about his dismay that a gay kid who had committed suicide was still being bullied in death, as people slurred him on his Facebook memorial page. Dan’s response was that, like Harvey Milk, “You gotta give ’em hope,” and told the reader to tell his story.

Savage launched a channel on YouTube where people can upload testimonies about how gay teens have to endure the hell of adolescence — but it does get better.

Anyone can upload their stories to the channel to let kids know that suicide is a final solution to terrible, but temporary, problems.

Lieutenant Dan Choi is hosting a national conference call tonight for activists, to plan vigils about gay suicide in the coming days.