Adieu, Fair Pop-Tarts World; Justin Bieber Has a Thing for Sap



As always, we appreciate you spending the week with us here at Fork in the Road. But, in case you missed it, here’s what the other food blogs have been up to:

Eater bemoaned the fact that Pop-Tarts World will close this fall to make room for a new public plaza.

Grub Street wondered whether Stephen Tanner of The Commodore pulled a Joaquin Phoenix-style crazy act on LXTV.

Feast listed its best burgers, including Minetta Tavern’s, Shake Shack’s, and Corner Bistro’s.

Diner’s Journal considered what to do when your favorite restaurant plays terrible music (spoiler: grin and bear it).

Midtown Lunch applauded Kelvin Slush for its tentative plan to stick around all year. Because who says slush is seasonal?

Serious Eats rounded up the best ramen in the city, with Hide-Chan, Ippudo, and Totto taking the top three spots.

Atlantic Food got excited about Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress in character about migrant agricultural workers.

The Food Section noticed that Justin Bieber likes him some maple syrup.

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