Breaking: Rick Sanchez Fired (or Canned) by CNN


Not to say we called it, but yeah, we — to be fair, like a lot of people — called it. The New York Times‘ Brian Stelter just Tweeted out a statement from CNN:

Stelter also noted that Sanchez technically “left” and wasn’t “fired,” but come on, semantics: he was categorically fired, technically separated from his job either by his own choice or by someone else’s willing him to separate from his job or somewhere down the line realized he should probably leave in light of a monumental gaffe
earlier today. Not that Sanchez was always on the wrong side of issues, or that he’s just a hot-air blowing entertainer — like, say, a Glenn Beck — as he often was on the right side of issues and was tapped into a vital culture of news (like, say, Twitter) with the kind of enthusiasm news networks should be encouraging. But he also had his fair share of arrogant screwups that turned public opinion against him, quickly. Of course, this country loves a comeback kid, and this isn’t completely unrecoverable. But it looks like week-old CNN president Ken Jautz has just made one big, big statement about the way he’s going to be running his company: with swift action towards bush-league screw-ups that result in nasty PR fiascos. Gotta wonder how long it would’ve taken him to get rid of Lou Dobbs.


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