Carl Paladino vs. Fred Dicker, Re-enacted by Bears (Video)


As captivated as we were yesterday by the Fred Dicker/Carl Paladino brouhaha, there’s a dust-up video today that outdoes that one, for the singular reason that it is exactly the same, except…Fred Dicker and Carl Paladino are played by animated bears. This is maybe better than the inevitable Taiwanese CGI. The stilted tones, the posturing, the look on Paladino-bear’s face…Chills down the spine, man. Video after the jump.

By the way, despite telling Dicker he’d produce the Cuomo-affair evidence whenever he damn well pleased, Paladino conceded in a TV interview that “he had no evidence that Mr. Cuomo had been unfaithful during his marriage, which ended in divorce, and said he merely wanted reporters to scrutinize his rival’s personal life as closely as they had his own,” reports the New York Times.

Boy. Who. Cried. Wolf. Whatever happened to him?

[via Slate V/The Atlantic]


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