Fela! Remix Contest Is A Great Chance To Complain About Crap AT&T Reception


Nearly a year later, the Fela! Broadway musical is raging on, thanks to some combination of rapturous reviews, Jay-Z’s largesse, and inspired stunts like a new remix contest inviting you to have your way with the cast recording of “I.T.T.,” a/k/a “International Thief Thief,” which in its original ’70s incarnation was designed to lambaste International Telephone and Telegraph, Fela’s label’s parent company. Anyone out there got a clever derisive acronym for AT&T or anything that rhymes with “Verizon”?

Download the “I.T.T.” raw material here — or, if you’re feeling a little sluggish, just crank up the isolated bassline for awhile. Contest ends October 28: winner gets an iPad, a copy of the soundtrack (download “Zombie” for free here, BTW), 20 titles from the recent Fela-reissue tidal wave (make sure one of them is Gentleman), and other stuff. And should none of this music particularly move you unless it’s in person, do stop by Brooklyn Bridge Park Monday for a free party featuring members of the Fela! cast and backing band.

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