Jasuli Abdimutel Arrested for Brutally Assaulting His Landlord After He was Short on Rent


The Queens District Attorney charged a 22-year-old tenant with brutally assaulting his landlady Tuesday with a metal pipe after failing to pay his full rent. The tenant then left her in her apartment, collapsed on the floor covered in blood. The police showed up after the landlady’s distraught husband contacted authorities in China, who then called the NYPD.

Usually when we report on landlord-tenant conflicts, we’re telling you about the city’s worst landlords. But there are some pretty bad tenants out there, too. This is one of the bloodiest landlord-tenant squabbles we’ve heard about all year (This one is the worst.)

The fight appeared to have started over rent. In the early afternoon on Tuesday, landlady Yun Zhong Sun went to Jasuli Abdimutel’s apartment, in Corona, Queens, to collect his rent. She called her husband in China to let him know she was going upstairs.

According to the D.A.’s office, Abdimutel gave his landlady $340 in cash and then said that he did not have the rest of the money he owed. When Ms. Sun sat down on the bed and began to write him a receipt, he hit her over the head multiple times with a metal pipe, causing her to fall over on the bed and suffer multiple fractures to the back of her head, forehead, and face. Sun then tried to call 911 but Abdimutel took her two cell phones and turned them off, and robbed her.

Abdimutel threw his landlady off the bed and onto the floor. When she tried to scream, he stuffed a sock or his fingers into her mouth. He then gave her water after she asked for some and told her he would let her go after it was dark.

When Sun’s husband did not hear from his wife for most of the day, he called authorities in China, who somehow got in touch with the 115th Precinct. When police arrived at the scene that evening, they reported seeing the tenant standing at the top of the stairs in front of his bedroom door. “She’s not hurt,” he said, and walked into his room.

When police entered the bedroom, they found the landlady lying on the floor with her eyes almost completely swollen shut, her face and head covered in blood and holding her right arm still. She pointed to Abdimutel and to a white plastic garbage bag behind the bedroom door. Examining the bag, they found a bloody metal pipe, as well as clothes covered in blood.

When Sun arrived the hospital, she had suffered multiple facial fractures and was bleeding from the brain. Her arm was broken.

Abdimutel is charged with violent assault, robbery, and kidnapping. He is being arraigned today in Queens Criminal Court.

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