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Little Catfight on the Prairie


This just came in:

Melissa Anderson, child star of Little House on the Prairie, yesterday posted a letter on her fan club’s website blasting former co-star Alison ‘Nellie Oleson’ Arngrim and accusing Arngrim of possible slanderous comments.

“Arngrim’s comments that Anderson was the real ‘bitch’ on the set, not her character Nellie, have been met with silence by Anderson. But a recent misstatement by Arngrim that Anderson had renounced her American citizenship in her move to Canada years ago prompted an open letter from Anderson that was posted on her Facebook Fanpage.

“The letter:

“To: Alison Arngrim
From: Melissa Anderson

“I have not bothered to repudiate the lies and innuendos about me that people have told me are in your book. I have not bothered to refute the lies and innuendos about me you have spread in various interviews. If that’s what you feel you need to do to try and sell your book, it’s pretty pathetic, but that’s your decision.

“But when you state that I renounced my American citizenship, this is going too far. This is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY UNTRUE. No one is a more patriotic American than me and at no time did I, or would I EVER renounce my American citizenship.

“My attorney informs me that some of these statements could be construed as Defamation of Character, and if you do not cease this ludicrous smear campaign HE will be the next one to contact you.

“If you want to live in the Little House past and base your career on being the real life reincarnation of your nasty TV character, that is your affair.

“I have not uttered a single unkind word about you, either in print or in the media. Take a page from MY book, Alison, and grow up.”

Got that, folks? The “bitch” is patriotic.

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