Morning Links: Osama bin Laden Shows His Softer Side; the Recession Really Might Be Over; Sully Movie in the Works


• A supposed new message from Osama bin Laden has him going all soft and public-servicey, “urging Muslims to tackle famine, flood relief, and clean water,” and to invest in “infrastructure projects and developing awareness programs” — like dealing with water pollution. When did our number one terrorist enemy become Al Gore? [CNN]

• Consumer spending and incomes increased more than expected in August, supporting the theory that the recession is over. Now, if we could just make some jobs happen. [Bloomberg]

• Also: The average Manhattan apartment now costs more than $1.42 million. Recession that. [Curbed]

• California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is mired in allegations that she knowingly employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper. The latest: Gloria Allred produced a letter from the Social Security Administration questioning the number the housekeeper had provided for tax documentation, along with a note, presumably from Whitman’s husband, instructing the woman to look into it. Whitman’s husband has said it’s possible he saw the letter and wrote the note — but that he and his wife believed that their housekeeper was legal. [Politico]

• Sully has optioned the movie rights to his book, apparently after chatting it up with Harrison Ford, who presumably will play him if Tom Hanks doesn’t have anything to do with it. Now, what about Slater? [NYP]

• Heidi Klum says goodbye to Victoria’s Secret. Was it the bedbugs? [NYDN]

• A protest is planned for Halloween, in the park, to fight Community Board 3’s recent decision (a/k/a, this new “Yuppie Scum CB3 Resolution”) to limit the number of concerts in Tompkins Square. [EV Grieve]

• You may be having trouble with your commute today, on account of rain. Go back to bed. Oh, yeah, and there’s a flood watch in effect. [The Awl, NYT]

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