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Hello, Friday afternoon. And hello, highlights of the past week:

Sarah DiGregorio ranked her 10 Favorite Brooklyn Restaurants.

Schmaltz Brewing Company’s Jeremy Cowan talked Geektoberfest, Jewish celebration, and how sour is the new bitter.

Battle of the Prawn Cocktail Crisps: Walkers v. Skips.

Where can vegetarians and non-vegetarians dine together in gastrointestinal harmony?

Vinegar Hill House’s Brian Leth talked about Le Fooding, restaurants’ lack of staying power, turnips, and many other things.

Raines Law Room will launch a ladies’ menu.

Peels is serving up a Southern-Latin swirl.

The Brooklyneer will bring Brooklyn all the way to Manhattan, and possibly Los Angeles.

Is Nespresso’s Kazaar super-strong coffee worth the hype?

Our Man Sietsema discovers that Daniel Angerer’s Brats – Dogs & Wieners is a great hot dog hoax.

Le Fooding draws le criticism.

A photographic accounting of last Saturday’s 2010 Vendy Awards.

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