Sasha Grey, DJ Jonbenet, And Sacred Bones’ Caleb Braaten Tapped for Swans Afterparty Tuesday At Brooklyn Masonic Temple


Brooklyn Masonic Temple, allegedly the loudest venue in all of New York, is set to dole out yet another audio beating Tuesday, when the freshly reunited Swans, whose new CD My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky is out this week, finally swoop in to terrify and antagonize you. Yet another night when a failure to bring earplugs maybe be punishable by death. But if you do survive, the show’s afterparty, held immediately thereafter in the Brooklyn Masonic basement, has a remarkable lineup indeed:

Yes, the inimitable Sasha Grey, DJ Jonbenet, and Caleb Braaten (he of “warped and weird” local label Sacred Bones), together at last. The flier:

Tickets available here; go ahead and call off work Wednesday now. Swans will play a second show at Bowery Ballroom that night, temporarily transforming it into the second-loudest venue in all of New York.

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