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Sick Fucks Now Promoting Bedbug-Infestation as a Revenge Tactic


Things that don’t need to be said: You are a very, very, very bad person if you infest someone else with bedbugs, purposely and knowingly. This draws comparisons to STDs that we don’t even want to think about — except, of course, bedbugs can’t kill you, they can only drive you to the brink of insanity and cost you thousands of dollars to rid yourself of. But if someone is so insane and wrong as to purposely infect you with an STD, could someone else be so evil and crazy as to give you bedbugs, on purpose?

Apparently, yes. This Craigslist ad touting bedbugs as “good sabotage, revenge,” has now been taken down (and we pray no “arrangements” were made) but here it is, from

Free Bed Bugs/ Good Sabotage, Revenge (Midtown)

Do you hate your roommate and are moving out? Leave a fantastic goodbye present. Nothing says ‘Eff You!’ like some BEDBUGS. I have bedbugs safely stored in jars for the perfect sabotage. Free of charge, will meet anywhere.

Okay, so many questions. What kind of creep keeps bedbugs in jars? Is this some fetish, like hoarding your own fingernail clippings? And then, do we really have to go there? Isn’t putting frozen shrimp in a curtain rod to rot mysteriously enough revenge for a person? Or some kind of Facebook smear campaign, maybe? Oh, or here’s a suggestion: If you hate your roommate, just move out. Done.

We don’t need to remind you that the more bedbugs there are, the greater your chance of getting them, so a wackjob “bedbug supplier” who’s keeping them in jars is pretty much the same thing as, well, a terrorist. And, clearly, he/she has bedbugs, too! Which means, avoid at all costs. Though there’s a certain justice in attempting to infest someone else with bedbugs and thereby getting them yourself.

Of course, this could be a joke. But either way, be forewarned: There is evil in our midst. U.S. government, pay attention — this could be just the tip of the bedbug-berg.

Here’s an image of the original post.



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