When Foods Attack…Celebrities! Paula Deen Hit by Ham and More


The strange case of Home Shopping Network Host Claire Champlin being attacked by a watermelon reminds us that foods are not just for nourishment — they can also serve as dangerous weapons. Recently, heartthrob Justin Bieber was hit by a water bottle as he performed onstage, which seemingly came from nowhere. Playful, portly Paula Deen was attacked by a ham, and lived to tell about it. Other examples abound. Please come with us now as we explore one of food’s more sinister aspects…

And you thought everyone loved Justin Bieber? Not bottled water!

Celebrity chef Paula Deen proves that ham isn’t always good for you…and her laugh with haunt your dreams.

Famous ’70s anti-gay activist Anita Bryant gets pie-eyed, and then her hubby seeks revenge.

In perhaps the scariest video of all, Macauley Culkin and Michael Jackson make director John Landis a culinary victim.

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