Why Do Your Facebook Friends Insist on…


Suggesting other people for you to be friends with?

I find it really irritating — like when relatives used to whisper, “You should hang out with the loser down the block. You two really belong together!”

What do the FB freaks get out of this nudgy gesture?

Does it make them feel like some kind of magnanimous social networker, a nouveau Pearl Mesta bringing people together who don’t even care about them, let alone their friends?

Do they get points with those friends by hooking them up — potentially, anyway — with someone else that they’ve already connected with, someone that might give them a tiny bit of bragging rights?

(“I know someone who was in the audience for Judge Judy. No, really. I can suggest that he ‘friend’ you, OK? Amazing, right? But then you’ll owe me dinner and an outfit.”)

I’d sincerely love it if these busybodies minded their own business, mainly because whenever I’ve confirmed the new “friends” they suggest, those people don’t confirm me back!

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