2010, The Year of Indie Pets, Example #6: Mo-Mo-Hair Dances to Wavves “So Bored”


Given the resounding success of last week’s declaration that 2010 is the Year of the Indie Pet, it behooves us to provide you with more evidence of this Very Important Trend. Which brings us to “Chinchilla Mohair Room,” a slightly confusing, slightly ridiculous blog dedicated to a furry Mohair creature who evidently has a penchant for indie rock. Despite running the Japanese blog through Google Translator, we’re still mystified about the specifics. Does the owner have more than one cat? What’s the cat’s name? Where is this creature based? What makes Atlas Sound better for chasing around a watermelon balloon that, say, Animal Collective? Answers to none of those questions below.

Breed: モヘア
Caretaker: The mysterious proprietor of the Japanese-language blog, Chinchilla Mohair Room.
Claim to fame: Stars in adorably inane YouTube clips with indie-rock scores.
Distinguishing characteristics: Wears neck kerchief. Has an affinity for Atlanta bands, apparently, considering that the feline swats toys around the floor to Black Lips’ “Veni Vidi Vici” and also plays with a watermelon balloon to Atlas Sound’s “My Halo.” Back hair so fluffy that it looks like a football-player’s shoulder pads, which makes watching the kitty be teased to Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair,” er, ironic.
Anthropomorphic qualities: So very humiliated when forced to “dance” to Wavves “So Bored.”
Subsequent myths: That this would make any sense without the language barrier.


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