Do You Know Any Sociopaths?


Maybe you’re even married to one.

I’ll give you some clues that will help you assess the psychological state of the other person in the room.

*Sociopaths are charming on the surface but they’re deep-down manipulative and are most interested in looking for victims they can decimate.

*They have an inflated sense of self. Brimming with narcissism, they feel everything they do is their privilege, no matter how heinous.

*They’re pathological liars and don’t think twice about making things up — even their entire life story, which changes whenever it suits them.

*They have no remorse about wrongdoing and no empathy for their targets. They rarely say “I’m sorry” and if they do, they don’t mean it — it’s just another manipulation.

*They’re usually promiscuous, need constant stimulation, and live on the edge in a reckless manner, yet they continually con people so they can keep surviving at work and in society.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you…Wait!

Why are you running for the door in a cold sweat?