Flavorpill Fix Goes to NY life, Becomes a Surprising Successor to Our Dearly Departed “New York Noise”


Once upon a time, there was an excellent hour-long music-video show on Bloomberg’s city-television network called New York Noise. Dating back to 2002, the hour-long intern-spun idea predated YouTube, the music-vlog trend of filming bands playing in random locations, and nearly all MP3 blogs. And it was far better than anything similar that showed up on the Internet.

But then an unrelated scandal broke out at NYC-TV, the station’s administration was overhauled, and the channel rebranded itself almost entirely, with a new logo, web site, even a new name–NYC-TV is now NYC life–and no New York Noise. The show was never cancelled exactly, just quietly removed from its time slot of Wednesdays at 11pm and midnight on Sundays to Tuesday at 5 am and sent into indefinite production hiatus.

We asked the station why the show had disappeared, spokespeople countered with murky explanations with words like “assessments” and “resources” and “changes.” Then online campaigns calling for the New York Noise‘s return sprung up and esponded by posting a call for proposals to create a new New York Noise–specifically “a half-hour taped feature program showcasing all the interesting music out and about in NYC.” It was all very confusing.

Then something called NYC Music Show popped up on NYC life, billing itself as “The only TV show dedicated to New York music.” The intention was good, but the approach was unfortunately uninspired. It was a disappointing alternative.

But today, news comes from the Flavorwire folks, specifically that Flavorpill Fix, a show the site proposed back in April when New York Noise disappeared, will airing on Channel 25 every Wednesday at 10:30pm. Have yet to see what the primetime version will look like. But if the episode curated by Japanther below is any indication, Flavorpill Fix should be a good thing. It’s no New York Noise, but then again, nothing else was, and since architect Shirley Braha’s no longer with the station, we’re not getting it back. So let’s all just be very glad there’s a way to get bloody skate-fucks on television professing, “I love you/No matter where you spend the night.”

Flavorpill Fix – Japanther Episode from Flavorpill on Vimeo.

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