I Talked ‘Facebook Movie’ on MSNBC


On Saturday, I popped by MSNBC to discuss the young-ambition epic The Social Network with anchor Alex Witt, a conversation that many people felt compelled to turn off their computers and phones to watch.

I described Facebook as the place where you share such important factoids as your ongoing lust for potato leek soup and your sudden need for a new batch of carpet cleaner.

I also said I’m hooked on it like candy.

And I talked about the movie’s content and whether or not you should confirm it as a friend.

After that, we went on to discuss the 50th anniversary of that prehistoric cartoon sitcom The Flintstones, but I yabba-dabba-don’t have video of that, so you’ll just have to take my word for it while imagining all the hilarious things I must have said about Ann Margrock and Stony Curtis!

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