Join “National Anti-Bullying Day–November 1st” on Facebook


Organizer Oscar Aydin just sent out this impassioned letter:

“November 1st has been selected as ‘National Anti-Bullying Day’, as it coincides with November being National Child Safety and Protection month.

“I’ve taken the liberty of beginning to send letters to all the elected officials in our government to declare November 1st as ‘National Anti-Bullying Day’. If you’d like to send a letter please let me know and I’ll forward you mine.

“On November 1st, whether it is declared a national holiday or not, I am trying to organize a march/rally which ends in Union Square.

“If you are not in NYC and would like to organize your own rally, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do so. We need support from all across this country!

“I ask that each of you take 5 minutes of your day and invite 20 people to join.

“If each person were able to get 20 people, there would be over 20,000 members. I’D LIKE TO GET 5,000 members by this Friday and I know we can do it.

“As a victim of bullying, this is very important to me! Not only was I bullied by my classmates, I was also bullied by my teachers, which only made my life worse…but I got through it…and we have to let all victims know, they’ll get through it too and it will get better!

“Thank you again for joining this cause, no one deserves to live in fear and pain, no one!


Oscar Aydin”

So please go on Facebook and join this anti-bullying campaign pronto, folks. I’ll keep bullying you till you do so.

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