Saul Bolton is Opening a Third Restaurant; Eddie Huang Thinks Brooklyn Food is Jumping the Shark


Almost exactly one year after we brought you news that Saul Bolton, of Saul and the Vanderbilt in Brooklyn, was planning an Italian restaurant, he has signed a lease at 151 Atlantic Avenue, in the space formerly occupied by Mezcals.
[Diner’s Journal]

There are now 152 cicerones, or certified beer sommeliers, nationwide. In New York, DBGB’s beer sommelier helped design the extensive beer list.
[Wall Street Journal]

Eddie Huang of Baohaus and Xiao Ye in Manhattan, a former Brooklynite, thinks that with the Brooklyneer, a Brooklyn-themed restaurant, Brooklyn food is “jumping the shark.”
[Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, Brendan and Melissa Vaughan, who put together The New Brooklyn Cookbook, are enjoying their 15 minutes.
[NY Daily News]

Is the bacon bubble about to burst? Overuse among chefs across the country is causing a backlash against bacon.
[Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, 25 chefs took to Governor’s Island for Pig Island, a pork fest featuring 84 swine cooked every which way.
[NY Post]


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