Someday You Really Will Talk on Your Cell Phone in the Subway…Probably


The MTA didn’t forget about that cell service on subways that they’ve been talking about for so long. Yes, true, even though July brought the “green light” for Transit Wireless to proceed with making the networks happen, lack of funding kind of stagnated things. But it’s on…again! AT&T and T-Mobile have also signed on, which must mean…something. Except if you have Verizon. So far.

According to the New York Post, this means that the following Manhattan subway stations will get cell and WiFi by the end of 2011: 14th Street and Sixth Avenue on the F, M and L lines; 14th Street and Eighth Avenue on the A, C, E and L lines; 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue on the C and E lines; and 14th Street and Seventh Avenue on the 1, 2 and 3, lines. It’s yet “unclear” whether your service provider will charge you more for this.

Keep in mind, service will just be in stations and on platforms — trains themselves won’t be wired for service, which may be a blessing. Because even though MTA chair and CEO Jay Walden would like to get rid of the “information black hole” in our subway-life, there are times when silence is golden, or at least, highly preferable to someone else’s inane/lovey-dovey/or otherwise offensive conversation.

In 2016, maybe, maybe, all stations will have service. It would probably be hasty to start holding our breath.

[via NYT, NYP]

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