Urge Overkill Play Mercury Lounge Tonight; Tickets Still Available


Given the public’s abiding interest in ’90s bands that may or may not have reunited, we thought we’d point out that proudly hedonistic Chicago power-pop goofballs Urge Overkill are taking another crack at it, playing their first live show in forever tonight at Mercury Lounge, and at least last time we checked, it ain’t sold out. Like you wouldn’t love to hear “Sister Havana” live, I mean, shit.

Grab your tix here, and head to for “Effigy,” the band’s first new song in 15 years, a valiant attempt to recapture the moment when Saturation (and their Pulp Fiction-assisting cover of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” propelled them to semi-superstardom. No idea what this is actually gonna be like, but saying their “Effigy” is now officially the second-hardest-rocking song of all time called “Effigy” is not exactly an insult. On the spectrum of rad alt-rock reunions we’d put this somewhat beyond the Afghan Whigs but probably just a notch or two ahead of, say, Catherine Wheel. See you there.

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