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Christine O’Donnell Is “Not a Witch,” FYI…But What Is She? | Village Voice

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Christine O’Donnell Is “Not a Witch,” FYI…But What Is She?


Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has a new bright and shiny campaign ad (her first one!) in which she gently explains that 1. She’s not a witch (referring to her comments that she “dabbled in witchcraft” as a teen), 2. She’s nothing you’ve heard, and 3. She’s you. Given what we know about what we’ve heard — or, as Daily Intel pointed out last week, that pretty much everything she’s said about her education history is wrong — we believe, at least, number 2. As for whether she’s “us,” well, we have a hard enough time being that ourselves.

However, she’s right that none of us is perfect. Which is why we’re not running for office, and also why doing what we would do in Washington is less compelling than, say, doing what a person running for office would do. Or even what Jesus would do.

So what would Christine O’Donnell actually do? This ad leaves us in the dark. Like, witches’ coven dark.

Here, watch.

But, seriously, WWCO’D do? ‘Cause now we’re actually curious.


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