Did You Watch The A-List: New York’s Debut on Logo?


You know, the new reality show about the “gaymous” — or wanting to be gaymous — chasing down hot men, clubs, careers, and weight loss in A-list Manhattan.

My cameo was brilliant. (“Michael Musto, writer” it said onscreen as I greeted Reichen at the opening night of My Big Gay Wedding.)

And later, Reichen is seen reading my review — which talked about how good he looked in his undies — and bemoaning the fact that he’s not being taken seriously enough as an actor.

Two seconds later, he’s in the hot tub with his boyfriend!

Oh, those wacky gays.

And there are even more emotional tugs-of-war going on among the Man-Tan crowd.

Reichen is shown saying he doesn’t want to be known so much as Lance Bass‘s ex, as you think “That probably makes it a bad idea to talk about it on a national TV show.”

Similarly, Marc Jacobs‘s ex also wants to put that connection behind him — as he keeps mentioning on the very same episode, in between desperate attempts to get his old body back.

But I guess that’s all essential in setting up the guys and their stories, and when they talk to the camera about their resumes, they’re actually kind of fun.

It’s when they’re pitted together for drama that things get more strained than fruit soup.

According to the show, both of the above-mentioned exes once had a fling with each other!

The deeply contrived drama around their reuniting threatens to drag the show to C-list.

Still, I’ll give these strident strivers a chance. There’s nothing else to do on Mondays anyway!

Most memorable line: “We can market this jewelry to the pilot community.”

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