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Female Crash Test Dummies Are Here! Women Are…Psyched?


Finally, after years of waiting and hoping and protesting for equal rights, equal pay, and equal, er, “death standards,” women are getting their own female crash test dummies to be used in government safety tests, starting in 2011. Let us all celebrate this fine day that will surely go down in the history books as…the moment that we women finally, after all that nagging, got our own crash test dummies!

According to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, via ABC News, “In the past only male dummies were used and we know that obviously a lot of women are passengers or drivers in those cars.”

You mean, women can drive, too?

Anyway, we suppose this is a good thing. Women’s bodies tend to be smaller, on average, which means they generally have their seats further forward, which “tends to put their heads right in the middle of the window,” says Adrian Lund with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Of course, people’s bodies also tend to be larger than your average crash test dummies these days. But we’ll take what we can get.

The bad side of this is that a new era of fetishism has clearly been born. Please, everyone: Seatbelts!

Transportation peeps: Could we at least put her in a cute outfit?

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