Grown Men Fighting: Eddie Huang vs. Jay Cheshes


In this round of Grown Men Fighting, we present to you Eddie Huang vs. Jay Cheshes. The former is the owner of Xiao Ye. The latter just reviewed it. And the former doesn’t like the latter’s review.

Huang has taken to his blog to share his thoughts on Cheshes’ two-star review, which, after describing Huang as a “sort of gastronomic Dennis the Menace” and “cocky pretender to the David Chang throne,” decries the restaurant’s “slovenly service” and describes the food as “milquetoast,” “generic,” and, perhaps worst of all, “pretty tame.”

Surprisingly enough, Huang begs to differ, and offers a point-by-point rebuttal in which he questions Cheshes’ credentials (“The fact that you compared zha jiang mien to dan dan mien shows you know ZERO about Chinese food”), disputes the Chang comparison (“Besides the fact that we’re from the far east coast, why would I be compared to Chang? He drinks PBR, I drink Four Loko. He makes pork buns, I do it better”), and asserts that “if you can’t see that Xiao Ye is my attempt at defining a youth cultural American Born Chinese Food experience, then you won’t appreciate it.”

Also, Time Out is “the Magazine for Murray Hill Tourists” that is “basically on its C. Delores Tucker shit,” Gael Greene is “Cruella Deville,” and … well, you get the idea.


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