Lil Wayne Will Serve Out the Remainder of His Time at Rikers in Solitary Confinement


Back in May, we reported that Lil Wayne had been caught hiding an iPod charger and pair of headphones in his cell (specifically, and somewhat tragically, in a discarded snack bag in his trashcan; the iPod itself was found being held by a neighboring inmate). Early reports suggested that Wayne’s prospects for an early release may have been jeopardized, but it turns out the rapper will belatedly face what is arguably worse punishment–more than a month’s worth of solitary confinement, according to the Daily News.

The holdup, it turns out, was because the overcrowded Rikers didn’t have space in the Bing free until just now. Wayne will reportedly remain there till his release, which sources say will be November 4th (Drake, Wayne’s Young Money confederate, has plans to throw his big brother a huge party sometime around then.) In the meantime, the rapper will have to bid farewell to the special treatment–extra visiting time, better food, and advance notice about searches like the one that landed him in solitary–we reported on a few weeks back. Plus his calls are down to one a week–presumably, the sad end to the bizarre prank call era of Wayne’s increasingly agonized confinement. [NYDN]

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